H&H Underground Services, LLC offers water and sewer line installation to commercial as well as residential customers. Using our top-of-the-line equipment, our highly skilled technicians are trained to dig and lay pipes in a variety of soil types and landscapes. Whether you are working on constructing a new site, or have old pipes in need of replacement or repair, H&H Underground is equipped to handle the job with years of experience.

directional-drilling-under-interstateLet H&H Underground do the job others around East & Middle Tennessee have trusted us to do for years. Well-known in the area for installing water and sewage pipes on commercial properties, H&H Underground is also recognized for its excellent maintenance of pipes as they age. If water and sewage lines are not properly installed, the maintenance later can cost you and your business even more money. Proper preventative maintenance is best handled at the installation stage.

So, whatever your water and sewer installation needs, H&H Underground can provide you with excellent service upon request.