Water and Sewer

H&H Underground  Services, LLC offers water and sewer line installation to commercial as well as residential customers. Using our top-of-the-line equipment


We are proud to offer general Excavating & Site work services. We offer excavating services for residential & commercial jobs.

Directional Drilling and Boring

For utility installation jobs that require a trench-less operation, H&H Underground provides horizontal and directional boring services.

Why Choose Us

  • H&H Underground strives to build deep & loyal bonds with clients by striving to exceed expectations and by a steadfast commitment to ethical business practices.
  • We work hard to make sure all projects are completed on time, and completed to plans and specifications.
  • H&H Underground has experience in the commercial, residential, public & private site sectors.  We offer experience and expertise to our clients in many different areas.
  • H&H Underground is licensed, insured, and bonded.
  • H&H Underground’s goal is to be seen as a strong ethical, hard working, efficient organization that provides consistent, high quality, safe results.

What Clients Say

The bore was for a storm drain that spanned over 120ft with less than 1% fall.”Couldn’t ask for a job to go more smoothly! The crews were on point, and applied precision work with little margin for error.”
TDOT Inspector, TDOT
A-Class work. H&H accomplished a 45° angle bore through mud and rock perfectly
General Contractor, 48 Bore -Monterey Tn
” H&H was very professional and were able to have the job finished before
the projected date and under budget.”
General Contractor, 32 Bore -Kentucky